Friday, November 1, 2013

REVIEW, PHOTOS AND SWATCHES: BareMinerals Moxie Lipglosses And Lipsticks

Hello beauty friends I am back with another review post for you guys (: and this post is on something that I have fallen so deeply in love with ever since I tried them at BeatuyCon (:

I am going to be reviewing the BareMinerals Moxie lipgloss and lipstick line (:

So I am going to start out with the lipsticks (:

So the two shades that I got from this collection are Never Say Never and Break Away (:

Never Say Never is a very bright Barbie pink. It is matte however it has a cream finish. It goes very smooth onto the lips and it does not make them feel dry once it has been applied. Since the color is so bright I do not need to apply very much, usually one swipe on my top and bottom lips is enough. Usually I tend to stay away from pinks like this, however I decided to take a walk on the wild side and try it out (: and I actually like it. At $18 for 0.12 fl. oz. it is a little pricey but I am not going to lie I love these lipsticks and I think they are worth it (:

Next is Break Away

Break Away is a lot darker than Never Say Never I call it closer to a nude than a pink but there is a hint of pink in it. Like the previous color is it matte but it has a creamy finish and it goes onto the lips really nicely. This is my favorite lipstick right now. It is really hard for me to find a nude color because my skin tone is nude so when I wear a nude lipstick it just makes my lips look ashy. But I love this color, it looks really nice and I use this as my nude color even though it is a few shades darker than my natural lip color. Unfortunately I smashed it once after I used ti so that's why it looks so awful -_-

The packaging is really nice. You push down on the sliver button and slide it down and then you slip the lipstick out of the top case which keeps them protected. Once I figured out how to open it I realized that these lipstick smell like cookies, a lovely scent in my opinion. That is another thing that I like (:

Now we are on to the lip glosses (:

First up is party starter

Party starter is one of favorites out of the lip glosses that I have tried from this line. It is a beautiful, shimmery, bright peach shade. I really wanted a peach shade because I think it goes really well with my skin tone and I just think that peach is kind of a misunderstood shade so I was excited to try this gloss. It does give a bit of color to my lips and it has a lot more shimmer than the other glosses do.

Up next is Game Changer

This is a very beautiful and vibrant red color! I was so happy when I got this color because I had been scouring for a really good red gloss. I love this color because it does give my lips a red tint but it does not make it overly red or take over my face.

Rebel is next

I already have a gloss by NYX that is a similar color, that I talk about in my Favorite Everyday Lip Colors, but I really wanted to try out different brands of this same gloss and I have to say that I really do like this gloss. It has less shimmer than the NYX gloss which is good. It has a thicker formula as well so it sticks to my lips better (:

Last but definitely not least is Spark Plug

Now this is my favorite shade out of all of the Moxie glosses that I have tried (: mostly because it is a nude-ish gloss color. If you guys have not realized already I am a little addicted to nudes. This gloss also gives me a similar tint as the Break Away lipstick. It also has a bit of a shimmer to it which is okay since it is not extremely noticeable (:

One thing that I love about these glosses is the formula. It is thick which means it adheres to my lips better and it stays on longer (in my opinion). I'm really glad that they did not go overboard on the sparkles as well.

The only problem that I have with these glosses is the smell. Unlike the wonderful cookie smell that the lipsticks have these glosses smell like menthol and they make my lips tingle when I apply them but other than that I think that these glosses are fantastic and recommend them to anyone who has a thing for lipglosses like I do (:

Have you tried these Moxie glosses or lipsticks? What do you think? If you have not, do you think that these are some things you would like to try? Let me know in the comments below! (:

Okay guys well that's it for this post!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post! (:

 Lets be friends!!

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