Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT: Jess From Just-Jesss!

Hello beauty lovelies I know that it has been a really long time since I have posted something for this series and I am so sorry that it took so long but this post is going to be another blogger spotlight and it is going to focus on Jess from Just-Jesss!

So Jess was one of the first bloggers that I met when I joined The Beauty Blogger Bunch on Facebook and I remember the first time I went to blog I was really amazed at how professional it looked and felt.

Since then I have really enjoyed reading Jess's blog because she has a wide variety of posts and she always has really interesting and fresh content.

So I am going to share with you a few of my favorite posts that I have read on her blog (:

So I think we all know why this is one of my favorite posts (: I love chocolate and I love cake so it is only natural that I would fall in love with this post. Not only is it delicious but it was easy to understand and follow, even for me who is a kitchen disaster (: By the way I have tried this recipe before and it is so wonderful!

So I love reading everyone's empties and favorites post but I really like reading Jess's and that is for two reasons. Number one she gives like a mini review for each product which I like because it really helps me in deciding if I am going to try that product or not. And two because Jess always has really interesting things that I have never tried AND she makes me want to try them! She's a persuasive one I'm warning you (:

Okay this might seem a little weird because as you guys know I am nail art incompetent (: but I have to say that I love Jess's designs. She has a lot of really nice and interesting designs, like the one above, that I would love to try if I was not so handicap with nail polish (:

I have really enjoyed reading Jess's blog and I am really happy that I have gotten to know her as a person as well as a blogger. Her blog has been around longer than mine and I feel comfortable having her to look up to so to speak (:

"I started blogging in the summer holidays from University mostly to keep myself busy when I couldn't find a job - I've carried it on for over two years now and am so happy with how my blog has grown! I wouldn't say I really have any goals apart from keeping blogging and carrying on enjoying it. The thing I love most about blogging is the community, in particular on Twitter but also on Facebook and to a certain extent Google+, it's so nice having like-minded people I can chat beauty with so my poor boyfriend doesn't get his ear talked off on topics he couldn't care less about!" - Jess

Where can you find her?

Okay guys that is it for this week's blogger spotlight (:

Have you ever read Jess's blog? What do you think? (: Let me know in the comments below (No bashing please)

Be safe and I will see you in my next post (:

Lets be friends!!

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