Friday, August 30, 2013

Review, Photos and Swatches: Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm

Hello Beauty lovers I have a new review for you guys and it is on my absolute favorite lip balm of all time!

Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm!!!

My lips are not very colored and I do not think that they are very pretty so I really like this lip balm because it does had some nice color to my lips. And it also looks very natural.

Another thing I like about this lip balm is that it has a nice consistency, it's thick but it is not so thick that you can't rub your lips together but it also stays on really well. I notice that I do not have to reapply as often as I do with other lip balms. Also it is really nourishing to my lips, I notice when I take it off my lips feel really soft. It's nice (:

Here are some swatches:

Look at that color! (: So Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm comes in 9 different shades, however Hibiscus is the only one that I have tried so far. I will probably do a review on a few more of the shades but that will be after I post my BeautyCon haul this weekend.

I definitely recommend this lip balm to anyone who wants to enhance or add some color to their natural lips. Also this brand is not too expensive mine was $7 and I got it on their website. This lip balm is 100% natural no harsh ingredients or anything like that AND it smells good! (:

SO you guys that is it for this review but leave a comment below if there is ANYTHING at all that you guys would like to see, any specific posts that you guys want let me know in a nice comment and I will make it happen

Be safe and I'll see you in my next post!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Okay so I was going to wait until I had this huge following before I did a giveaway BUT I really want to thank the people who are reading my blog and have subscribed so this is kinda just a tester to see if anyone would enter.

Mind you in won't be anything huge but there will be a few things that I think are awesome (: so just vote down below if you would enter. And if I get enough yes votes then I will be posting a giveaway on here, my twitter, pinterest, tumblr and facebook so check back for that!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Falling Off the Beauty Wagon???

I know I have not posted in a few days and I wanted to let you know that it is not because I have stopped blogging or anything like that. Here's the thing:

My birthday was this weekend and I went to BeautyCon, which was amazing and I will be posting a haul for that in the next few days, and I also went to the beach with a few friends.

Also this week I start back to school and I am taking seven classes -_- so I am going to be getting really busy so I'll be posting twice a week instead of daily but I am going to try and post as often as I can.

Thank you so much guys for being patient with me.

Be safe and I'll see you in my next post!!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Beauty Poll of the Day!

Just out of curiosity, what are you going to be rocking on your lips this fall? Click all that apply!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beauty Poll of the Day!

Since summer is almost over tell me, what fall fashion excites you the most?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beauty Poll of the Day!!!

Keeping up with the lingering feel of summer, what's your summer makeup routine like?

My Summer Time Makeup Tips!!!

Hello Lovelies!!!

I know that summer is almost over so that is why I decided to do this post now so we can all be beautiful and natural for this last week (:

So for summer I tend wear less makeup because I find that when I wear a lot of makeup in the summer I break out more. So I'm just gonna give you guys a few simple tips that I use in the summertime or when I know it's gonna be really hot. Enjoy!

I apologize for the lighting the sun is being weird today. But anyway this is my summer time face.

Tip #1 - Stay hydrated!
This might not seem like a beauty tip but think about it. When you are properly hydrated which means drinking water and using moisturizer daily your skin is going to look so much healthier. Also makeup will go onto your face better it will also keep you from braking out as much because water will flush all of the toxins out of your system

Tip #2 Keep it light!
You do not want to wear heavy makeup in the summer time because the heat will make you sweat and the sweat mixed with your makeup will create oil and that seeping into your pores may cause you to break out. So my tip is to skip the foundation and opt for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer instead. And if you do not have one and do not want to spend money on one then just take some of your daily moisturizer and some of your foundation (not too much) and mix them together. Again you do not want to use too much because even this can get heavy if you do, just use enough to get your skin tone even an then go over your blemishes with some concealer. Here are the products I use:

Pacifica Alight Multi Mineral BB Cream
Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture For Sensitive Skin
Maybelline New York Fit Me Liquid Foundation 340

Tip #3 Powder and Bronzer, less is more!
Now you do not want to have this beautiful natural face and cover it all up with powder and bronzer. Just dust on a little an then PUT IT AWAY! lol. Let me just take a moment to say why I love bronzer so much. I brings life to my face and it make me look a lot warmer and tanner than I actually am which I like (: These are the products I use:

Maybelline New York Fit Me Powder Foundation 340

City Cosmetics Bronzer and Blush Palette
Tip #4 To line or not to line?
I usually skip eyeliner in the summer unless I'm going somewhere special. What I'll do instead is take a darkish brown eyeshadow and line my eyes that way or sometimes I skip eyelining all together.

Tip #5 Mascara, my old friend
I am notorious for wearing a million coats of mascara but I do tone it done in the summer because I swim a lot in the summer and that just does not look good coming out of the water. So in the summer I'll only do a really thin layer of waterproof brown or black mascara. I use this mascara by Apple Cosmetics.

Apple Cosmetics Blackest Black Waterproof Mascara
Tip #6 I can't believe I's prime time!
Okay so this tip should really be number one. Who really puts on their makeup before priming? I'll tell you who! Primer virgins (: I use a primer every single day I put on makeup sometimes I even wear it alone. That's how great it is. Primers minimize the look of pores and it makes the makeup you apply adhere to your face better so that it lasts all day.So basically primer is really important. I use this primer by Rimmel London.

Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Pro Primer
Tip #7 Last but not least...lips!
During the summer I tend to stray away from lipsticks and lipglosses and instead reach for my favorite lip balm or lip stain. Some lip colors can be really heavy on your lips plus if you spend a lot of lime outside the wind could blow your hair onto your lips and then it gets stuck in your hair and you drag it across your face and it's just a vicious cycle. And in the summer I want to keep my lips really low maintenance.

Left to Right:
Eos Lip Balm, Noya Lip Balm in Vanilla, Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color "Do I Make You Blush?"
Okay guys that is it. Those are my summer time makeup tips for you guys. Just be light and natural it is summer after all (: have fun and be safe. See you guys in my next post!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline New York Fit Me Powder and Liquid Foundation!!

Hello and happy Tuesday my fellow beauty lovers!! So I decided that I really needed to do a review on my absolute favorite foundation right now. There are three things that I look for in a foundation:

1. Coverage: Unless it is really hot or I do not feel like wearing makeup that day I like a full coverage for my foundation

2. Shade Match Up: For some reason it's hard for me to find I foundation that I think matches with my skin tone so when I do find one I cling onto it for dear life

3. Price: I am not saying that it has to be under $5 but I definitely do not want to spend $20+ on a foundation

So now moving on with the actual review starting with the liquid foundation (:

Maybelline New York Fit Me Liquid Foundation 340
I was really impressed with this foundations because it really covered all of the areas that I look for in a foundation. It is a very thick formula so it gives me that full coverage that I want. It matches up really well with my skin tome and it was $6. Now I am not going to lie I was a little nervous to try the foundation because of the price but I was pleasantly surprised. Also, it does not add any extra oil to my face. I tend to sweat a lot during the day but I like that this formula is very oil free and did not feel too heavy on m face.

Overall I am in love with this foundation!

Now onto the powder (:

Maybelline New York Fit Me Powder Foundation 340

Maybelline New York Fit Me Powder Foundation Second Look
Again, I am very satisfied with this product! Sometimes on days when I do not feel like wearing foundation I will just dust on some of this powder and it works just as well! It gives me the coverage that I want but with half the effort (: I also like the packaging; on top is the powder and when you lift that up there is a mirror and powder fluff. So cute! For $12 this combination of products is a steal!!

Overall this combination of products is amazing and I am so glad that I found them (:

Maybelline New York Fit Me Powder and Liquid Foundation Side by Side
Remember I'll be posting every Monday and Friday! (:

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Beauty Poll of the Day!!!

BeautyCon is in 4 days!!! Who are you most excited to see?

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Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm on Bloglovin' (:

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Remember I'll be posting every Monday and Friday! (:

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Beauty Poll of the Day!

What's your favorite nail color for summer?

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August 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag Review and Pictures!

Ipsy Glam Bag August 2013

Hey guys so today I am going to be doing a review on the products that I recieved in my August Ipsy Bag. This was my first bag so I was really excited about all of the products but I was really happy with the ones that I received so lets get started.

1. Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask

Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask 

I was actually really nervous to try this product because on the bottle it says for all skin types EXCEPT sensitive. I have very sensitive skin so I was very cautious when I tried this product. When I applied it to my face (after washing of course) there was a slight stinging that escalated to a painful burning after about a minute so I did not leave it on for very long. Maybe 4 minutes later I rinsed the mask off and followed up with my Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin. After washing the mask off my face felt AMAZING!!! My face felt soft and smooth, there was some redness but the disappeared after a few minutes. Overall, aside from the burning, I would say this is a really good product and I recommend it.

2. Noya Vanilla Lip Balm

Noya Vanilla lip Balm 

So, there really is not anything super special about this lip balm except the smell. It is very moisturizing and goes on really smooth but I found that it does not last very long. I was constantly reapplying it throughout the day. There were two scents that were available in this month's bag, cherry and vanilla, and I was very happy that I got the vanilla scent because it really is quite intoxicating. Overall I would say it's something nice to get in my bag but I do not think I'll be running out to buy it.

3. Pacifica Alight Multi Mineral BB Cream

Pacifica Alight Multi Mineral BB Cream

I was really happy when I saw that I got this product in my bag because it is the same BB cream that AndreasChoice uses and I really trust her opinion when it comes to makeup. The last BB cream I used burned my face so badly so I was excited to try something new. So this product adds a very sheer tint to your skin in order to diminish pores and even out skin tone. It comes out of the tube much lighter than my skin tone, however when I blend it into my skin it does match up quite nicely. Also it does add a bit of shimmer to your look which makes your skin look dewey almost as if you are not wearing makeup. It is very light and creates a nice base or is great if you're just going for a simple summer look. Overall I love this product and I will be buying the full size (:

4. Pixi Lash Booster Mascara Blackest Black

Pixi Lash Booster Mascara Blackest Black 

Now I love mascara but this mascara did not really jump out at me. The brush did not coat my lashes the way that I wanted it to. I also was not aware that it is a waterproof mascara which I'm also not fond of. Overall this product did not impress me. It was an okay filler for the bag but not something I would break my neck to buy.

5. Nyx Cream Blush Orange
Nyx Cream Blush Orange 

Last but not least, this cream blush by Nyx was the least a blush. It is a deep orange color that I would never wear on my cheeks. However, I started using it as an eye shadow because I needed a similar color for my smokey eye and it worked! It is pigmented really well and showed up great on my eyelid. I am not a blush girl anyway. Overall I would recommend this product for people who wear blush and eye shadow because it has a dual purpose.

Thanks guys for reading this post. Stay tuned for more! If you want to sign up for a Glam Bag click this link:

Remember I'll be posting every Monday and Friday! (:

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A Look Inside My Head

So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while. But not just any kind of blog, a beauty blog! Because for the past year now I have been absolutely obsessed with make up and hair and nails. It really did come out of no where but I started watching YouTube videos and I got really excited about starting something like this. So here it is.

A little about myself:

I have naturally curly hair probably around 2a - 2b which means its wavy curly and not super coily curly. It is 22 inches when it is straight and it is just above my butt so it’s pretty long. But a year ago I had to cut my hair up to my shoulders because it was so damaged from heat. So this past year has just been me trying out different ways to grow my hair back to the way that it was.

I’m probably going to focus on hair since that is what I have the most experience with but be fully prepared to ride this makeup train with me.

I started wearing make up my senior year of high school which was two years ago. I love to play with colors and experiment with different looks and I am going to enjoy sharing those looks with you.

Also once I get enough followers I am going to start doing weekly giveaways.

Thanks for listening to me ramble and I will see you in future posts

Bye (:

P.S. I'll be uploading twice a week on Mondays and Fridays