Sunday, November 24, 2013

#TheSkinProject: My Skin (:

So I am really late with this post but I am hope that Lianne will not be too mad at me -_- Also if you want to get involved with the #TheSkinProject or just want more information check out her post here (:

So this is going to be my first post in #TheSkinProject series and it is going to be all about my skin (:

So the two biggest problems that I have with my skin is that it is acne prone and it is also really sensitive. So I have to be very careful what I put on my face.

I remember being in high school and always having breakouts because no matter what I tried it never worked to keep my acne away and it was really annoying and frustrating. However recently I have had more and more luck with combating my acne which I am really happy about.

I would say that I am definitely a skin care beginner because all the way up to about a few months ago I thought I could just wash my face with soap and put some lotion on and I would be fine but I am learning that is definitely not the way to take proper care of my skin (:

The problem areas that I have are mostly my cheeks and I believe that is because of my cell phone and because I sleep on my sides so I am really working on trying to decrease the amount of oil and bacteria that sits on those areas.

As far as ageing is concerned I actually am not super concerned with that right now since I am only 20 but I am sure that it will not be a huge issue because I have notices that the women in my family age very gracefully thankfully (:

Well guys that is it for this post! (:

What are your skin care tips? Tell me in the comments below! (:

Be safe and I'll see you in my next post! (:

Lets be friends!!

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