Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 goals, dreams and resolutions.

Hello everyone and happy wednesday.

I wanted to do more of a personal post today, since this is the last day of 2014 I wanted to jot down a few of my goals that I would like to implement in 2015 and what better way to hold myself to them than to share them with all of you!

So let's jump right in.

My first goal for 2015 is to focus on my schoolwork.

Not that I didn't do okay this semester but I really want to do stellar in the spring. I really want to learn in my classes and not just memorize the information for the test which sadly was my strategy this past fall.

Also, I've been in a relationship since 2011 and he recently transferred to a school in northern California so I have to admit that a large chunk of my time was spent planning visits and holidays. While I don't regret that time and actually find it necessary to maintain a healthy long distance relationship, I'm finding that I can ease up a little.

It take two to tango right?

My next two goals are really intertwined with each other: eat healthy and exercise more.

This is for a few reasons.

Obviously I do want to be healthy but honestly my biggest motivator is that I want my bikini body so that I can get my belly button re-pierced. Call me superficial but I just want this post to be as honest as possible.

Also I have been watching Casey Ho (blogilates) on youtube and it has done wonders for my motivation. Also her website is so helpful because it has meal plans and workout calendars and workout videos so it makes things a lot easier.

For anyone who is trying to implement a workout plan I strongly suggest looking her up.

Improving on my blog is a huge goal for me in 2015.

Not that I don't love my blog how it is I do but since I'll be having so many goals I really want to start  doing more lifestyle posts and making my blog a little more personable.

Also I want to improve on the quality of my pictures. Better lighting, better background, things like that.

Also I want to create a plan for my blog and really stick to it so I don't have anymore month long hiatus'. I really want to be more consistent.

My last goal is to be more social, particularly in school.

I want to start making more friends in my classes and I'm hoping that way I'll be able to focus a little more.

I'm really going to try to open myself up a little more because that's what college is all about!

Well guys that is it!

What are your goals for 2015? Let me know in the comments!

Be safe and I'll see you in my next post!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Hiatus, No heat challenge and new things!

Hello everyone!

I know that I have been gone for a few months and that is because I have poor planning and time management skills (something that I am not particularly proud of).

I started college (university college not community college college) and I got a bit over my head with everything that I was attempting to do so my blog had to take the back burner for a bit.

Now that I'm on winter break I have time to restart my focus on my blog and my schoolwork.

On to my no heat challenge!

As you all know I am a natural hair advocate and I have decided to take a huge leap into the world of natural hair. I will be attempting to go a whole year without using any kind of heat on my hair, starting January 1st 2015. No flat iron, no hooded dryer, no blow dryer, nothing.

I will be using my blog to document the entire process.

In addition to no heat I will also be:

  • Drinking 2L to 3L of water a day.
  • Working out for at least an hour.
  • Trying new kinds of heatless styles (twist outs, bantu knots, etc) at least one a week.
  • Wearing my hair in a protective for at least one day out of the week (I'm going to shot for three though).
  • No fast food (healthy body = healthy hair)
I'm really hoping to not only improve the health of my hair from this challenge but also, hopefully, retain some length!

And now on to my "new things"!

I am very excited to be sharing that I will be starting my own Natural Hair Care line!

Lately I have being making the products that I use on my hair for two reasons:
  • That way I know there's no harmful substances in my products
  • It's less expensive
I'm going to be starting small, selling to to friends and family members but I am going to be opening up an Etsy store for anyone who would be interested in trying what I cook up for my hair. All the ingredients are natural and will be on the packaging and I am hoping to make it as cost effective as possible.

So more news on that to come!

And lastly, thank you all for reading to the end of this post. I really appreciate you guys for supporting me especially through the meltdown that my brain was going through these past few months.

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Summer Makeup Routine! (For Fall)

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

This is going to be my summer makeup routine or the routine that I do when ever it is going to be really hot and since I live in the valley it is pretty much hot all the time.

So let's get started!

The first product that I use is my Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer then after that has had a few minutes to sink into my skin I follow up with my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.

To set the BB cream I am using my Maybelline Fit Me powder foundation in the color 340.

The blush that I am using is by Be A Bombshell and the color is Blind Date. I try very hard to not use too much of this or I look like a clown.

Next I take my e.l.f. eyeliner and just do a really quick simple line just to open my eyes up a little bit.

Then for mascara I am using the Wet N Wild Megablast masacara and I am almost out of it so I need to restock.

And this is the completed look!

Well guys that is it for this post.

What products are in your summer makeup routine? Let me know in the comments!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tag Tuesday: I'm A Beauty Blogger Get Me Out Of Here! Part 3

Hey guys! So this is the last week of the I'm A Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out Of Here Tag.

So let's get started.

1) Big congratulations! You won last week’s bush tucker trial. Your reward is the chance to create your own perfume. What ingredients/scents would you choose?

I would definitely go with something sweet, maybe vanilla.

2) Around the camp fire you’re all sharing tips. What is the best advice you can give someone to keep your skin healthy?

Drink lots of water! Especially when you're stranded on a deserted island.

3) How do you think your camp mates would describe you?

I think my campmates would describe me as the crazy girl who is always swinging from the trees.

4) You’re missing your family and friends so to bring a bit of comfort to the jungle you are given the opportunity to send one twitter message (max 140 characters). Who would you text and what would you say?

I would text mom and tell her that I love her and that I miss her and I'll be home soon.

5) You’ve made it to the final two and are awarded the classic three course meal. What would you choose for starter, main and dessert?

For a starter I would choose potato wedges and then for my main course I would choose a huge steak, medium well of course, then for desert I want a giant cookie with vanilla ice cream on top.

6) You’re out of the jungle and the luxury hotel awaits! What will be the first thing you will do?

Take a nice warm shower with lot and lots of bubbles (:

7) Now you’re out of the jungle and have all your luxuries back, what would be one product you have lived without and could continue to live without?

I'm not sure actually.

Well guys that is it for this post and this tag (:

Have any of you guys tackled this series? Let me know in the comments!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ebony Jay Beauty My Way: Weekly Video Round-Up

Happy Sunday everyone!

I know I didn't do a video round-up last week but here it is!

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And here are my videos for the week (:

Huge Beauty Haul Part One
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Well guys that is it for this post!

If you have a youtube channel comment your link down below and you may be featured in my round-up next week!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!