NORTHRIDGE, CA – YouTube and L’Oreal Paris are teaming up to launch a school for beauty vloggers. The school “term” will start in June and go for six months in Paris. The school will teach vloggers the skills they need to be successful YouTube beauty gurus. They will learn skills such as video production, audience development and beauty education.

In the past 10 years, vlogging about beauty on YouTube has gone from a fad to a full blown career. Gurus like Michelle Phan and AndreasChoice have catapulted into fame through their videos.

Credit, Cosmopolitan
The first students will be 10 French beauty bloggers who will take the courses for six months. After they’ve completed it they will receive a BeautyTUBE certificate. The launch of the school will also be documented reality TV style. 

The students will be taught by leading YouTube executives and L’Oreal Paris. 

Current beauty vloggers that are interested in the program will be able to get a look at the school and see what it’s about. If the school does well in Paris they will bring it to the states. At this point, no one is sure if the documentary will have English subtitles. 

By, Ebony Hardiman

With contributions from Vibe and Cosmopolitan
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NORTHRIDGE, CA – Rihanna signed a $10-million-dollar deal with the Kendo division of Louis Viotton Moet Hennesy to start her own makeup line. The line will be released Fall of 2017. 

Rihanna has been tossing the idea of her own makeup line around since 2015. The year before, she applied for a secret trademark for the brand that didn’t stay secret for long. 

Credit, BravoTV
Kendo CEO David Suliteanu says “Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a beauty rocket ship that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience. We are aiming for the stars.” Kendo has launched brands including Kat Von D Beauty and Marc Jacobs beauty. As of now, the will be sold in Sephora stores. 

This isn’t the first time the singer has dabbled in the makeup industry. Rihanna previously teamed up with M.A.C to create the special edition Viva Glam collection and the RiRi Hearts collection. She also created seven perfumes with Parlux and has sold over 4 million bottles worldwide.

Rihanna has also launched her own clothing like for Puma and is currently touring for her ANTI World Tour.

In addition to that, Rihanna launched Fr8me last year. It’s a styling, hair and makeup agency that helps artists and hair stylists book commercials, editorial shoots and ad campaigns. 

Rihanna’s makeup line will be considered a luxury brand but some fans feel that prices for makeup are becoming too extreme. This happens often with celebrities who release their own makeup brands such as Michelle Phan. 

By, Ebony Hardiman

With contributions from Vogue and Hollywood Life
Photo, BravoTV

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NORTHRIDGE, CA – South Korea is creating beauty products laced with snail mucin and 24 karat gold. Snail mucin is the slime that snails secrete when they are scared or agitated. It has been used in beauty products all over the world for years. The gold is a new addition to Korean beauty products. 

The snail slime has many beneficial properties when applied to the skin. 

It has vital nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes and antimicrobial peptide. These are all found in beauty products. The substances are known to help stimulate the formation of collagen and restore hydration.

Co-Founder of Soko Glam Charlotte Cho says, “This ingredient has become popular because it’s an effective ingredient when it comes to anti-aging and minimizing acne scars.” 

Credit, WMagazine
Many products that have both snail slime and gold claim to have soothing properties. This has not been proven. Many beauty experts have said that the addition of gold to beauty products has no benefits when used on the skin. In fact, some believe that the addition of gold is just a marketing tool.

Co-founder and CEO of Glow Recipe Christine Chang says, “Korea caters a lot to the Chinese and they are very into the snail beauty trend and they love red and gold packaging.” 

Products containing snail mucin can be bought in the United States. Many high end retailers such as Sephora and the Face Shop sell products made with the slime. 

By, Ebony Hardiman

With contributions from WMagazine and New York Post
Photo, WMagazine 

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NORTHRIDGE, CA – SheaMoisture has partnered with Droga five the launch its first national platform, #BreakTheWalls. The platform is to bring awareness to the struggles that women of color face when trying to find beauty products. 

SheaMoisture is taking on the segregation that happens with black hair and beauty products. Founder and CEO of Sundial Brands Richelieu Dennis knows that there is a big problem that women of color face when shopping for beauty products. 

Dennis said, "I have often said over the last 20 years that the beauty aisle is the last place in America where segregation is still legal, and separating 'beauty' from 'ethnic' has only served to further perpetuate narrow standards of what is considered beautiful in our industry and our society.”

Credit, The Real
The campaign features a 60 second film and a 30 second behind the scenes short with popular beauty bloggers. In this video the bloggers talk about their experiences when shopping for beauty products and explain why they think the platform will be helpful.  

The platform isn’t just about selling SheaMoisture products, it’s also about creating a dialogue about the standard of beauty that is imposed on our society. The campaign is focused on creating a more inclusive standard in order to create social change. 

By, Ebony Hardiman

With contributions from Essence
Photo, The Real 

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NORTHRIDGE, CA – The Pride Center at California State University Northridge was opened in Fall of 2012. The center provides a nurturing and safe environment for members of the LGBTQ community and other students who support the community. Noticing that there was a need for increased support for the LGBTQ community, the Pride Center was opened to improve the campus climate for LGBTQ members and advocate for the respect and safety of all members of the community.

Credit, CSUNShineToday
The creation of the pride center was made possible thanks to a petition initiated by members of Gamma Rho Lambda, a queer sorority on campus. The students advocated for a space where they could feel safe and have relevant programs and events catered to their community. Lita Van Houten was one of the students responsible for creating and pushing the petition for the center.

Van Houten said, “Being a part of the LGBTQ community I saw that we were not being represented or catered to and I know that was something I wanted to change.” Van Houten, along with her sorority sisters, lobbied around campus in order to gather enough signatures to bring to Associated Students to get the pride center opened.

Van Houten said, “We basically went up to everyone that we knew and told them what we were trying to do. A lot of people were really supportive and we ended up getting a lot more signatures then we initially thought we would.”

The Pride Center Values are advocacy, communication, empowerment, fun inclusivity, intersectionality, learning and social justice.

Many students who go to the Pride Center say that they enjoy being there because of the environment that it projects to students. Open dialogue and conversation between students is encouraged as long as it is respectful.Events which encourage safe conversations are a staple in the pride center. Monthly movie nights, Tuesday Talks and LGBTQ Coffee Nights are examples of this. CSUN student Melina Johnson has been attending events at the Pride Center since its opening.

Johnson said, “I Just love coming here and talking to everyone because we all have different opinions and experiences and we can share them all right here without judgement.”

Credit, MattRosePhotography

The Pride Center provides many services to all students. Although it is targeted to members of the LGBTQ community it is not exclusive to them. Some of the services provided are a peer mentor program, LGBTQ from A to Z and the Rainbow Graduation Celebration.

CSUN student Chauncey Hayles is participating in the Rainbow Graduation Celebration even though she is not a member of the LGBTQ community.

Hayles said, “I am a supporter of the community and I am so excited that I am able to participate in this event even though it’s not a community that I’m a part of personally.”

The Pride Center has grown within the last few years it’s been open. With new programs and faculty dedicated to creating a nurturing environment the center will be around for years to come in service to the LGBTQ community.

By, Ebony Hardiman

With contributions from CSUN Pride Center
Photos, CSUNShineToday and MattRosePhotography
Video, University Student Union, CSUN

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NORTHRIDGE, CA - Hermanas Unidas is a predominately Latina organization. Its three founding pillars are community service, social interaction and academics. The chapter of Hermanas Unidas at Cal-State Northridge was chartered in 2003.  The organization’s primary mission is to provide resources and leadership opportunities for Latina students.

The organization was originally founded on the campus of the University of California Berkley in 1994 by five Latina students. The foundation eventually evolved and expanded throughout California. There are now 10 different chapter in the state. The organization’s official colors are blue and silver and their national flower is the Quinto Blossom. Although it has sorority-like aspects, Hermanas Unidas is not a sorority.

In order to be an active member there are steps that interested students need to take. Aside from attending weekly meetings and paying dues active members most log at least 15 study hours. Academic Chair Victoria Escobar said the organization is a support system for its members to help them academically.

Escobar said, “It’s like an organization you’re not being obligated to do it but its like subconsciously you’re like oh you know someone expects me to do something.”

Credit, Hermanas Unidas de University of California Berkley
Hermanas Unidas is very active on and off campus in regards to community service. Their first service event of the semester was a campus clean up. Members of the organization gathered in the Orange Grove to pick up trash in order to beautify the campus and protect the wildlife there. Their brother organization, Hermanos Unidos, also participated in the event. Community Service Chair Drew Cooper said participating enriches the member’s experience in the organization.

Cooper said, “Obviously its good for their resume and its good for them just to be involved with the community.”

When the organization was founded the charter members wanted to be able to cultivate relationships with other Latinas on campus. This means social interaction among members is equally important. Hermandad week is an annual tradition for the organization. Members of both Hermanas Unidas and Hermanos Unidos celebrate it. This is where members come together to celebrate unity. During this week the two organizations collaborate on different events for members of both organizations. CSUN student Lilo Escalera says being a part of an organization is important for school spirit.

Escalera said, “I think its important to be a part of an organization especially when you’re in college because it makes you feel like you’re a part of the school.”

Hermanas Unidas is just one of many organizations of color on campus. Although the organization is targeted toward Latina students, anyone is able to join. The organization maintains strong ties with its members even after they graduate which opens up the door for network opportunities for current members and alumnae. Hermanas Unidas strives to educate its members, improve the community and bring people of all ethnic backgrounds together. 

By, Ebony Hardiman

With contributions from Hermanas Unidas de UCB
Photo, Hermanas Unidas de UCB
Video, Nora Rosales

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