Monday, November 4, 2013

BLOGGER BUDDIES SERIES! How To Start Blogging (:

Hello beauty friends I am back with another series post! (: I am very excited for this one because even though I know that I have not been blogging for that long I feel like I still have something too offer to those that are just starting out (:

So let's get to it! (:

Step one: Find a topic

You can't very well start writing a blog until you find something to write about. You can write a blog on just about anything that you want! All you have to find something that you really like and start writing, it's that simple. You do not need to be the best writer or have a degree or anything, that's the beauty of being a blogger! You're like an unofficial journalist (:

I have had so many blogs in the past six years, most that have never really made it off of the ground. Some of the topics I have written about are, tips for students, entertainment and celebrities, my personal life, reptiles (yes reptiles) and of course poetry (:

So as you can see you really can start a blog about anything, the sky is the limit!

Step two: Find a platform that works for you


In all my time blogging I have only every used blogger. I tried using Wordpress once for this blog because I thought it would make it more professional but I found Wordpress much too difficult for me to operate so I ended up coming back to blogger (:

However, I know plenty of bloggers who successfully use Wordpress and it works for them so all I can really do is tell you of my experience and tell you to try them both to see which one is best for you (:

So for Blogger all you need is a Google account and you are already signed up for blogger (: all you need to do is go to and from there it will give you instructions on how to start your blog.

Wordpress is a little different and like I said I do not have as much experience with Wordpress so I would recommend trying both and whichever one works for you that's the one you stick with.

Step three: Find a layout you like

The layout of your blog is basically how everyone is going to see your blog so it's pretty important but you want to make sure that it is something that you like. It is so easy to get caught up in how everyone else's blog looks that you can lose sight of what you want your blog to look like. Remember that it is yours and you can make it look however you want!

I know that Blogger has oodles of free layouts that you can use and customize the way that you want. I think Wordpress might but I do not know as much regarding Wordpress.

If you are feeling really not impressed with the free layouts you can always buy one or you can pay for a web designer to do your blog for you (:

Step four: Start writing!

So you can't have a blog without words (: once you get your platform and your layout and your topic all you have to do is start writing! Don't be scared that no one will see it or like it because that isn't the most important thing when you're starting out.

The most important thing is finding out who you are as a writer and what makes you different. Once you figure that out followers and comments will come I promise (:

Okay guys so this was just the bare minimum for starting a blog because when you're first starting out you do not have to worry about much.

I'll talk more about expanding your blog in my next Blogger Buddies post (:

Be safe and I will see you in my next post! (:

Lets be friends!!

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