Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's On My iPhone Tag! (:

Hello my beauty friends (: so today I am doing a very awesome post! I am doing the What's On My iPhone? tag (:

I love these tags so I am really happy that Stephanie R tagged me to do it. By the way her blog is amazing you should check it out (:

Okay so jumping right into the post, I do not have much on my phone so this post may be very short (:

This is what my lock screen looks like (: this is my boyfriend and I. I really love this picture of us because it is the only picture where he actually has his hair combed. He has dreads now so it is not really a big deal anymore (: moving on the my home screen...

This is my home screen and the picture is my niece Chiaradonna (: my sister just had her like two weeks ago and she is so cute I love her so much!!!

I like to keep my apps organized in the little bundle boxes so that I do not take up too much room on the screen

So on this screen there is my settings, my blogging apps, productivity apps, photography apps, music apps, utility apps, random apps I never use and my finance apps (:

Of course my phone app, my camera, text messaging and my social media apps down on the bottom (:

This is my second screen where I can actually see her whole face (btw she is laughing not crying lol)

On this screen there is my face time app, newsstand (which I have found no use for), the foothill bus schedule, and Google maps (:

Now getting into my little bundle boxes (: first up are my blogging apps

Of course I have my Blogger apps which I use to blog on the go

My Bloglovin' app that I use to read blogs on the go which actually comes in handy

My newest obsession Glipho! I love this app because not only can I read blogs on it but I can also share them! All from one app (: I love it!

And then Luvocracy which is not really for blogging I actually keep meaning to move it to social media. But I love this app as well it keeps me so entertained (: If you have not signed up for Luvocracy you really should because it is really fun! (:

Going on....

My productivity bundle box (: this is where I keep all of the apps that keep me somewhat organized.

My reminders which of course reminds me of all of the important stuff that I need to do which is mostly homework and stuff from school.

My calendar which also reminds me of important things that I need to do on certain days. These two apps are probably the most important apps in my life right now (:

My notes is where I write down all of my assignments and other miscellaneous things that I do not want to forget

My clock of course is where my alarm is and what wakes me up every morning....sometimes

And finally my gmail which has my personal email and my email for my blog (:

This is my box for my photography apps (:

I have instaeditor which I use to edit most of my pictures before I post them on any social media site (:

Pic collage which I use to make collages out of my pictures, I actually do not use this app as much as I would like to but I just can't seem to get rid of it

And then there is just the app that holds all of my pictures

This post is really simple it is just the apps that I use to listen to music

My favorite out of these is iHeartRadio because it does not have commercials like Pandora does but I do use Pandora sometimes as well just not as frequent

And I do not have any music saved onto my phone in order to save space so I never use the music app lol

In this box I jut have my internet browsers that I like to use.

Google Chrome is my favorite but I do use Safari sometimes when it is not freezing up on me

In these next two boxes are just the apps that I do not use that much but also can't get rid of (:

The mail app that came with the phone that I do not like at all

Voice memos which come in handy but rarely pop into my head to use for anything

I do not play many games or use my passbook

I check the weather sometimes but most times I forget

The sucky maps app that came with the phone and the calculator that I always forget about

And of course the stocks app that I have never looked at the whole time I have had this phone

I do not buy my music because my iPod is broken and I do not like having music on my phone

Videos which I have no use for and my contacts app that I do not use because I just go to my phone app

The app store that I do not visit as much as I would like

The ABC Family app that I use to watch the episodes of Pretty Little Liars that I miss on occasion

My mountie app for my school that a very rarely use

And the compass that I am not sure even works

Next box is my finance box (:

Here I have GasBuddy which I use to find the cheapest gas near me which I use pretty much everyday (:

My Chase mobile app that i always have to keep my eye on or I will go over

My coupons app that gives me discounts on all of the products that I love

And my higher one app which helps me keep track on my financial aid (:

And the last box is my social media box, the most important one (:

I have all of the essentials:

Twitter which I am always on

Facebook which is really more personal

Instagram that I forget about sometimes



Youtube of course

Pages which is how I manage the facebook page for my blog

and Poshmark which I use to sell my old clothes online to other fashion lovers (:

Okay guys that is it for this tag SO if you ave an iPhone I tag you to do this post! (:

Be safe and I will see you in my next post! (:

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