Saturday, October 12, 2013

REVIEW, PHOTOS AND SWATCHES: Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque!

Hello lovelies I am back with another review on a product that I mentioned in my September Favs Post, and this time I going to be reviewing the Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque.

So when I went looking for a new deep conditioner I am not going to lie I already had this brand in mind because I had heard so many good things about it so I really wanted to try it.

So the first thing that struck me about this conditioner was the packaging of course. It comes in a really nice container the only thing that I did not like is that it needs to be bigger so they can put more product in it because I am already out ): On the side they have the ingredients and the story of how Shea moisture got started which I though was really cool (:

Next thing that attracted me to this conditioner was the smell. It is unmistakably raw Shea butter which should be obvious because it is right on the package. I do not smell much if anything else at all besides that so I would say that if you do not like the smell of Shea butter I would not recommend buying this product.

So lets get into how I use this baby (: it's very simple really. First I add some coconut oil to the masque, on the label it says to use olive oil but I like coconut oil better so that's what I use but you can use any oil I believe. Next I separate the front and back parts of my hair and tie the front part up and split the back part into two sections. then I just take the mixture and complete saturate my hair in sections with it (: then once I have done that I take a plastic bag and tie it onto my head and then I wrap my scarf around that to really lock in the heat so that the moisture penetrates my hair shaft. Then after about 2 hours I hop into the shower and rinse my hair. I do not wash the masque out I only rinse and I do not over rinse I would say about 20 seconds for each side of my head then I just dry it and style it as usual.

Now on to my feelings about this product....I love it. I love the way that it makes my hair feel. I love that my hair has a shine to it after wards and I love that I can tell that my hair is moisturized. Also I have noticed that after using this masque I do not have to use as much product in my hair which I like (:

So overall I will most definitely be purchasing the product again and I recommend it to everyone with hair no matter what type (:

Okay guys well that is it for this post!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post (:

P.S. I am doing this post on the bus on my way to iFabbo (: for anyone who is going I shall see you in a few hours!


  1. Hello dear! Ive not heard of this brand but it sounds good. Shea butter is such a wonderful pdt.. ^_^

    <3 Celly
    ❤ TheSnowFlowerrr ❤ Beauty and Makeup Blog ❤

    1. It really is and the whole line is really great as well (:

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This sounds fab, my hair is really in need of moisture at the moment! I'll have to see if I can find this anywhere in the UK :)

    Jess xo

    1. I hope you do find it because it is so great! (:

      Thanks for stopping by!