Saturday, October 19, 2013

HOW TO: Fishtail Braid

Hello my beauty lovers so today I am going to show you guys how to do a fishtail braid on you hair. It is fairly easy and in my opinion it is actually easier than doing a regular braid because instead of using three sections of hair you are only using two.

I made a video for those of you who are more visual learners (: but for those of you that want to read how you do this go ahead and scroll down past the video

So lets get started!

Step one:
You want to make sure that you hair is free of tangles and that it is smooth enough for you to run your fingers through it. Trust me this will make it so much easier.

Step two:
Tie your hair however you want using a hair tie that has no metal (hair ties that have metal can cause hair to become tangled and break which is not good). I prefer to tie my hair over the side (:

Step three:
You want to separate your hair into two equal sections

Step four:
You want to take a small section of hair from the outside of one of the larger sections and cross it over that section over to the other section of hair and hold it with your hand in place

Step five:
Take another small section from the opposite section of hair that you took from the first time and cross it over to the other section of hair and hold it in place

Step six:
Keep taking small sections of hair from the outside and cross it over until you get all the way to the bottom of your hair and then tie the braid off with an elastic with no metal

Step seven (optional):
Take the first elastic band off

Step eight (optional):
Gently tug on the braid in order to loosen it up and give it more volume

Step nine:
Accessorize (:

Well guys that is it for this post (: I hope this post and video helped some of you

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!

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