Thursday, October 10, 2013

GUEST POST BY OHHEYTONE: Fall Beauty Essentials (:

Hello beauty friends (: so today I have a treat for you all....A guest post! (: The post is by Toni from keep in mind this is only a snippet of her talent so be sure to check out her entire blog because it is amazing!!!! (:

Okay enough of my rambling on to the post (:

Hey guys,

I’m Toni and I’m guest posting on this lovely site today. I’ve loved this site for a while so when the opportunity came up to guest post I jumped at the chance!

Autumn is my favorite season with the leaves changing and the holidays approaching so I thought I would share with you my fall beauty essentials.


With it getting colder and colder I find my skin drying up so much more than in the summer months so a great moisturizer is essential to keep skin in good condition.

I live in London and we recently had Victoria Secrets open here (hooray!) and I am obsessed with their
Vanilla Lace collection. It smells divine and is a really creamy moisturizer which soaks into the skin.

I recommend that entire range but their moisturizer in particular is perfect for winter.

Hand cream

I always find in winter that my hands suffer the most and so a hand cream is always necessary. I adore Soap and Glory’s
Hydrating Hand Food. It leaves my skin so soft and smells really rich. It contains macadamia oil, shea butter and marshmallow, actual marshmallow!

Nail polish
Halloween has to be my favorite holiday. We don’t celebrate it that much in London which is a shame but to get a little in the spirit with some nail art.

An orange nail or maybe a
crackle effect polish to just get me into the spirit of the holidays and then they can be worn throughout autumn and into winter.

Eye makeup corrector pen

One thing I hate about London is the rain. It is always raining! That means that when I have to get somewhere my eye make up makes me look like I’m an extra in a horror film – there is eyeliner everywhere
I subscribe to a subscription box called Glossybox and they sent me a eye make up corrector pen one month and it has been so, so good to me.
E.l.f Cosmetics do a great one too and it is literally a pen that removes the smudges of eye make up. An absolute must have for winter.

Lipstick – deep red

I love a good lip stick, I feel it can bring an outfit to a whole new level or from day to evening with one simple product. MAC do the best, in particular I love their
Cyber shade which is a purple satin lip stick and applies so well and is long lasting. The color is perfect for a vampish look at a party or over dinner.

So there you have it, my fall beauty essentials! If you like this post then feel free to check me out over at my blog –

Well guys since this was my first guest post I was really happy that I got to work with this amazing young lady especially since I admire her blog so much!

But unfortunately that is it for this post!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post (:


  1. The sound of Vanilla Lace sounds so good :)

    1. I know right (: I really want to try it myself (:

      Thanks for stopping by!