Monday, October 21, 2013

Makeup Bag Essentials!

Hello Beauty lovers I am back with another post but this one is going to be a little different because I am going to be showing you guys my makeup bag essentials!

Now these are just things that I think are essential to either start a makeup bag for beginners who are just experimenting or for people who are trying to restock their makeup bag and just do not know where to start.

Please keep in mind this is my opinion I am not saying you have to have everything I write in this post these are just what I need to keep in stock at all times!

Lets get started (:

#1 Foundation!

You want to find your perfect foundation. Foundation is what makes your skin tone even and also provides a nice base for the rest of your makeup. You want to be able to wear it inside and outside and you want it to match your skin tone pretty nicely. It might not be exact but it should be as close as you could get. The brands that I recommend are ones that I have used before and have had success with them. L'Oreal True Match is the foundation that I first used when I was starting out with makeup and I really liked it the only problem that I had with it was the price. However, it is a very good foundation and there are quite a few shades that match really well. The foundation that I use now that I really love is from Urban Decay and it is their Naked Skin Liquid Makeup. It is really light and it matches my skin tone really well. However, I also use the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. This foundation is really great it matches my skin tone really well also and there are a variety of shades. Also at only $5 a bottle it really is a steal (: Click here to see my full review on the Maybelline Fit Me Liquid and Powder Foundation

#2 Concealer

Next is concealer. Now this is something that I just recently started using and I really like using now that I know how to apply it properly. Concealer is basically what you want to use when yo have a few stubborn blemishes that you want to cover up or if you have dark circles under your eyes or any redness you want to cover up. Essentially any imperfections you want to hide (: The concealer that I use is the same brand as my foundation. Fit Me Concealer in the color 30. I usually only use this under my eyes and sometimes on top of my eyelid but that's it.

#3 Powder

Powder in my opinion is a must have because it sets your foundation. I never ever put on foundation without putting on powder. Powder can also keep you from looking shiny throughout the day, however you want to be careful how much powder you apply because sometimes you apply your foundation really nicely but then you overdo the powder and it messes up the whole look so you really just want to dust the powder onto your face. The powder that I use is the BareMinerals Minearl Veil in Hydrating. I really like that this powder really sets my foundation and keeps it from sliding off my face. Plus it gives me a nice shimmer (: I also like to use the powder that is the same brand as my foundation and concealer (this should tell you something! (: ) Fit Me Powder Foundation in 340. I like this powder because it sets my foundation really nicely but also on the days when I do not feel like using liquid foundation I can just use my powder foundation and it still gives me full coverage. Click here to see my full review on the Maybelline Fit Me Liquid and Powder Foundation

#4 Primer

Primer should really but number one but I did not think of it until just now (: Primer is essentially the foundation for your foundation. It prepares your face for makeup, it fills in your pores and makes them look smaller and it will make you makeup adhere to your face better. Using primer will help keep your makeup on all day aside from a few touch ups depending on the brand of primer you use. I am in love with the Dermalogica Skin Perfecting Primer (: it really keeps my makeup in place and it has SPF which I really like! I also use the BareMinerals Primer and that was the first primer that I ever used and it's my favorite. Also I have been using Smashbox Photo Finish Primer which is also really great aside from the drying time. I have a review up on on my blog here.

#5 Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be a little tricky sometimes because there are so many different types. There's gel, pencil and liquid so it really just depends on your preference. I personally like to use liquid eyeliner most of the time because I find it easier but I recommend trying all of the types until you find the one that really sticks for you. I have tried the Wet N Wild liquid eyeliner and I really like it but right now I using a nameless liquid eyeliner that I got from a drugstore. I also use pencil eyeliners when I want to line my tight line or my water line and the one that I am using right now is from LA Colors and I have a full review of them up click here to see it (:

#6 Mascara

Ahh mascara! Every girl's best friend. I love mascara that was the first makeup product that I ever used (: and I have tried so many mascaras it would take for ever for me to list them all so I am just going to give my two favorites which are the Maybelline Falsies mascara and the mascara I am currently using is by Apple cosmetics. When I apply mascara I do one coat for darkness, one for volume and one for good luck (:

#7 Eye shadow

Okay I have so many eye shadow palettes it is not even funny! I love using different colors and trying out new looks on myself. Every makeup company has eye shadow palettes available so it's really just a matter of figuring out which colors you want to try (neutrals, blues, pinks etc). My favorite palette at the moment is the Italia Deluxe Perfect Match Color Chart because it has so many colors and it really gives me freedom to do whatever I want XD. I have a full review of it here (:

#8 Lip Balm

Lip balm is extremely basic and I would venture to say that every girl has at least one lip balm that she wears everyday I know I do. You definitely want to keep it with you so that your lips are always moisturized and they do not get chapped. My favorite lip balm right now is Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm. I have a full review here (: I also like EOS and it is the pink one (:

#9 Lipstick

Lipstick is a little more tricky because there are so many shades and so many brands it can get a bit overwhelming. But you want to try and find a few colors that you really like on yourself and I would suggest going a few shades darker than your natural lip color. And remember that when you trying out different lipsticks or foundations make sure to keep your receipts just in case you want to return something that doesn't work for you. My current favorite lipsticks are from BareMinerals and that are a part of the Moxie line (: I also have the matching lipglosses! I also use some lipsticks from Wet N Wild, mostly 902c, their nude color.

#10 Lip Liner

I say lip liner is an essential because it helpful especially if you hate reapplying your lipstick but like I said at the beginning of this post all of these items are optional. Lip liner is something that I just recently started using and I mention them more in My Favorite Everyday Lip Colors but I only use two and they are both from Jordana and I use them either alone with some gloss or underneath my lipstick.

#11 BB/CC Cream or Tinted Moisturizer

I feel like I'm doing this really out of order but I think every girl should should have some kind of BB cream or Tinted moisturizer for those days that you just don't want to put on foundation and everything but you still want your skin to be even. I was using Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream but it was way too harsh for my skin so I had to stop using it so right now I'm doing a DIY BB Cream that you can check out here (:

Well guys that is it for this post!

Be safe and I'll see you guys in my next post (:

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