Thursday, March 20, 2014

TMZ Trashes Mexican American and Community College in Racist Rant

I am a beauty blogger, that is what I do. However, I am also a journalist and a student.

In my journalism class this morning my teacher, Toni Albertson, brought this video to my attention.

In this video, a nationally syndicated T.V. news and entertainment show, TMZ, not only humiliates and bullies a Mexican-American girl but also trashes her community college education.

On Tuesday March, 18, TMZ spoke to Beatriz Cazares about winning Miss Mexico. After asking Cazares how she felt about her win they went on to comment on the fact that she does not have an accent. Cazares was born and raised in the United States but her parents are from Mexico. Not having an accent does not make her any less Mexican.

Cazares also attended Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC). Members of the show laughed and asked if she had even graduated. They took it further by asking if it was a four year and stating that "only seven people graduated" from the institution.

In reality, 4,427 students graduated from Mt. SAC last year alone.

Making a racist comment about a girl poor, innocent girl, who is proud of her recent success as a Mexican-American, is one thing but discrediting not only her education but also a nationally ranked institution is pathetic. 

TMZ has a history of racism most notably with members of the Kardashian klan.  TMZ is known for commenting on both Khloe and Kim's relationships with African Ameican men. 

This reign of racism and bullying must end on all fronts. Is it okay for TMZ to act this way because it is known that they are not a credible source? No it is not.

Join the movement to stop racism on TMZ. Tweet your thoughts about the video to @TMZ, @Mountiewire and @MtSAC using the hashtags #ShameOnUTMZ, #SACTMZ and #TMZBullies.

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