Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Cleanser

Happy Friday!

Today I am doing a review on a product that was in my May 2014 Favorites and it is the Olay Fresh Effects Bead Me Up! Exfoliating Cleanser.

So let's get started.

The purpose of this product is not only to wash your skin but also to exfoliate it and that is what the beads are for.

This cleanser has a nice fragrance if you notice it. It isn't very strong so you might not notice unless you are actually smelling for it.

It has a really nice consistency, it isn't too watery which I really appreciate. There are little scrubby beads so you will feel those on your skin but it doesn't hurt or anything and after you have been washing your face for a while the beads dissolve.

Packaging is really pretty, I really enjoy the design on the front because it reminds me of something a child would draw. It isn't too hard to open or anything like that but I also haven't been having any problem with it bursting open so it travels well.

It is a regular size for a facial cleanser so if you are going to travel with it I would transfer it to a smaller container if you want to save space.

This product makes my skin feel really nice and smooth after I wash it and I think it is because of the exfoliating beads, it really gets off all of the dad skin.

This product works really well for me. I am noticing a big difference in my skin. My breakouts are clearing up but it also just feels smoother and it looks better in my opinion

I would say that this product works well with all skin types. I have sensitive skin and it works great for me.

I feel like this product falls into a younger age group, probably from early teens to early 30s but everyone could certainly use it.

Because of the thickness of this product I find myself not having to use very much of it to get my face really clean so this product will probably last a while even with using it twice a day.

I really recommend this product to anyone who is looking to try something new for their skin or if you are having problems with your acne.

I like this product because I really feel like it gets my skin clean and also it exfoliates my skin so I don't feel like I have to buy a separate product to exfoliate which helps me save money.

I can't say that there is anything that I didn't like about this product, the only thing that i found strange was that there were no bubbles but that's not a big deal.

I bought this product because I ran out of my normal face wash and I couldn't find it anywhere so I really needed something on a short notice and this was on sale at CVS Pharmacy.

I would definitely buy this product again I am very happy with it. I got this product at CVS Pharmacy for $4.99 but normal price is $7.99.

Exfoliates and cleans
Works well with all skin types
Simple fragrance
Nice packaging
Lasts long

No bubbles
Not optimal size for travel
A bit pricey

Well guys that is it for this post!

What do you guys think of this product? Let me know in the comments.

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!


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