Friday, May 23, 2014

Review on Klix Brushes!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

So today is going to be a review that is long overdue because these brushes are just great. I bought them at the New Girl Expo last year and I also gave a set away in my first giveaway, that's how much I love them.

Lets get started with the review!

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First, a general overview.

Klix brushes are recyclable, replaceable makeup brushes that you do not have clean. You simply detach the dirty head and replace it with a clean fresh one after a few applications.

Since dirty makeup brushes can harbor bacteria that can infect your skin or even reduce it's natural appearance it is important to only use clean makeup brushes on your face.

That's what makes Klix so innovative and time saving!

So the Klix brush set includes a powder brush, blush brush and a concealer brush.

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The powder brush is similar in form to a kabuki brush but it is obviously larger which I like a lot. All of the brushes are made of synthetic white hair which means when you use them the tips will turn the color of what ever you use which I don't like as much. I would have preferred the brushes to have black hair but it's not a huge deal.

It works well in regards to applying powder so it is actually my first choice when I am deciding which brush to use.

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The concealer brush doesn't get as much use from me because I tend to use my fingers to blend out my concealer but sometimes I pull it out. It can also double as a foundation brush if you would like it to which is pretty cool.

It blends pretty well, it doesn't leave any streaks or anything like that.

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Lastly, the blush brush. I hardly ever pick this up because I do not usually wear blush but sometimes I get the urge for it or I will use it to blend out my foundation which it actually works very well for. It is basically a smaller version of the powder brush.

So let's review!

Brush heads are recycalable
Do not have to wash them
Can be used interchangeably
Decent price
Comes in a set and individually
Synthetic hair

Brush hair is white
Only three brushes in the set
Can only be bought online

So overall I really love these brushes and I have been using them ever since I got them last year. I recommend them to anyone who is like me and hates cleaning brushes (:

What do you guys think of Klix? Let me know in the comments!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!


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