Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TAG TUESDAY: Blog Your Heart Out!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

I have seen this tag on so many blogs so I decided to do it because I thought it would be really fun.

So here we go!

Who/what encouraged you to start blogging? 

Before I started my beauty blog I had already been blogging for a few years so I believe it was just my integration into the youtube beauty community. Watching the beauty gurus on youtube really inspired me to want to to learn more about makeup and blogging because it seemed like fun and a good way to meet people.
How did you choose what topics to blog about? 

Well it started out just me blogging about topics that I knew about so most of it was hair. But then after I had been doing it for a while and had gotten more comfortable with my makeup skills then I started doing more makeup tutorials. Now I just look around at my peers and see what kind of posts they do and try to recreate them to fit my blog. 
What is something most people don’t know about you? 

Most people don't know that I want to move to Spain to be a spanish broadcast journalist.
What three words describe your style? 

Casual, Sexy, Cool.
What do you love to do when you are not blogging? 

When I'm not blogging I still love to write creatively, meaning fiction. I write a lot of fantasy (:

What are three words that describe your style? Let me know in the comments!

If you have not done this tag then feel free to do it and tweet me so I can see your answers with the hasthag #EbonyJayTagTuesday!


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