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REVIEW AND PHOTOS: Arganesse Hair Treatment

Hello beauty lovers I am back with another review on a product that I received in a giveaway and I was so excited because I had wanted to try it for a while

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"Give your hair the royal treatment with Arganesse, a daily leave-in therapy with beneficial argan oil."
So the packaging of this product does not have much wording, in fact the only thing that it says on the bottle is Arganesse Hair Treatment. I took this to mean that it can be used for many different purposes and I was right.

I love this product because I can use it when my hair is curly.

In the morning, after I remove my hair from what ever heat less hairstyle I have thrown it up into. I simply take a small amount of this and gently run it through my hair.

It makes my hair feel soft and shiny but it also moisturizes.

I really like it as a leave in conditioner for two reasons. The first is that it has argan oil in it and argan oil is really great for moisturizing the hair because it can penetrate the hair shaft. Also because it tames the frizz and fly aways that I experience in the morning with my curly hair

I also love to use this product when my hair is straight

First I use it on my hair before I straighten it so that my hair not frizzy when I am done. Then afterwards I use a tad bit more just to style and keep my hair moisturized.

Also I use it before I wrap my hair to sleep and I have noticed that my hair has been staying straight longer and I believe it is because of this product (:

What really made me fall in love with this product is the fact that my hair looks and feel better since I have been using it. I know that they are pegging it as a leave in treatment but I feel like it could be used as a deep conditioner as well.

The only thing that I did not love about this product was the strength of the smell. It has a very nice scent it is just very strong and because my nose is so sensitive it was a bit overwhelming.

Overall like I said this is a fantastic product and if I could afford it I would definitely buy it however the price of this product is $120 so unfortunately it is out of my price range but I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try it! (:

Have you tried this hair treatment before? What are your thoughts? (: Let me know in the comments!

Well guys that is it for this post!

Be safe and I will see you in my next post!

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