Monday, January 12, 2015

Get To Know Me Tag!

I'm really excited today because I got picked by Maria from Dazzlemxo to do the Get To Know Me Tag. You can check out Maria's tag here (:

So let's get into the tag!

#1 Name
Ebony Joscelynn Hardiman Sanders (Houston hopefully sometime in the future XD)

#2 Blog Name: anything special about it?
Well I knew that I wanted my name to rhymes with my blog's name for some reason I just think it's cute and creative but it's just part of my name Ebony Jay and then what my blog is about Beauty My Way (:

#3 How long have you had your blog for?
August 2014 so a little over a year (:

#4 Favorite color?
My favorite color is pink. Any kind or shade of pink really it doesn't matter I love it all (:

#5 Age?

#6 Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I had just started using makeup and I wanted a place where I could show all the things that I was learning and maybe help some other girls (and boys) learn too (: also I had really gotten into youtube videos and wanted someplace where I could put it all into practice.

#7 Favorite Book?
God I can't even pick but I love the Twilight and Hunger games series, Divergent and Insurgent were pretty good too, anything by Eric Jerome Dickey (he's amazing), November Blues, The Blue Blood series, Copper Sun. See? I just can't pick!

#8 Favorite highlighter? Why?
I like the bright pink Sharpie highlighters (: they make my notes really bright and pretty!

...ooooh you meant highlighters for your face....right.....

Well I don't use highlighters (:

#9 Holy Grail drugstore foundation?
The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (stick and liquid) in 340. I will forever use this produce because it honestly matches sky skin tone so well and I really love it.

#10 Holy Grail high-end foundation?
Well I have only tried one and that was the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, I really liked it but never re purchased it because it's honestly too expensive.

#11 Favorite primer?
I love the bareMinerals foundation, but I've only tried it once because the first one I got for free and I never re purchased. I still dream about it though (:

#12 All time favorite mascara’s? Both high-end and drugstore.
High-end: Never tried a high end mascara
Drugstore: Maybelline Falsies

#13 What’s your favorite makeup brand? High-end and drugstore.
High-end: Not sure I haven't tried many high end brands
Drugstore: Msybelline, forever and always

#14 What’s your favorite food?
I absolutely love pasta! I could eat pasta everyday all day and get fat like the Macy's Day balloon and I would be so happy! (:

#15 If you could travel to anywhere in the world where and why?
I want to go to Spain, Brazil and Flordia (Disney World hellooooo!)

#16 How many times did you upload last year?
I uploaded 165 times last year (:

#17 What apps do you use to edit pictures and or create thumbnails?
I just use iPiccy, it's easy and simple to use for people who are illiterate in this kind of thing (:

#18 What’s your twitter name?
@EbonyJayBeauty (:

#19 What’s your instagram name?

#20 Favorite candy?
Oh goodness chocolate, any kind of chocolate really, dark, white, milk I love it all (:

#21 Favorite drink?
Besides water I really like the Minute Maid Tropical Fruit Punch

#22 What’s your favorite clothing store?
Aside from Goodwill which I shop at regularly I stumble into H&M from time to time but I'm not really a clothing shopper

#23 Describe your self-using three words?
Crazy, driven, loyal

#24 What is something you want to improve about your blog this year?
I really want to be consistent with my blog, get a posting schedule going and really stick to it because I know for me consistency is really important when it comes to the blogs that I like to read. 
I also want to support other bloggers more, I know its not my blog specifically but I attribute my success to others because we're all really standing on each others shoulders and it's important that we realize that and stop competing against each other (:

Well guys that is it for this post!

I tag......

Niamh xoxo
Brigette Ramos
Shanelle Brittni
Emmys Blog

Be safe and I'll see you in my next post!

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