Wednesday, September 4, 2013

REVIEW: Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

Hello beauty lovers (: I have another review for you guys and it is on my absolute favorite product for my hair right now, Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum!

So for those you that do not know I am obsessed with anything that has anything to do with coconut; Click here to see my DIY deep conditioning treatment using only coconut oil, honey and an egg! For anyone whose on a natural hair journey or if you just want your hair to grow out healthy and strong you know that coconut oil is amazing for hair because of its molecular structure and nourishing capabilities. Coconut milk has the same effect and Organix is a really great product line if you are looking for not only serums but also shampoos and conditioners.

Lets get on with the review shall we?

Number one for me when I am looking for products for my hair is the ingredients. I do not like to use any products that have any harsh chemicals in them that could possibly damage my hair. So this product, as with all of the Organix line, is sulfate free. The first ingredient listed is water which is good because it means that it will put moisture back into your hair. Other listed ingredients are coconut oil, glycerine, coconut milk, jojoba oil and egg white.Overall the ingredients list gets a thumbs up for me.

Number two is the texture and consistency of the product. Because my hair is so fine and thin I do not like to use heavy products because they will weigh my hair down and I do not want that obviously. I was pleasantly surprised with this product because even though there is a thick consistency it does not weigh my hair down the way I thought it would.

Number three is the smell (: I love to smell good and I like my hair to smell good as well. This product has a very strong coconut scent that I love. If coconut is not a scent that you are fond of I would not recommend buying this product

Number four is of course whether the product works effectively on my hair and my answer is a resounding YES! I have curly hair and curly hair tends to be drier than other hair types because of the texture. I love that this product makes my hair feel soft and that it gives it a nice scent while also adding moisture and preventing breakage. Also I have noticed an improvement in the look and feel of the ends of my hair which is a plus for me.

The way I use this product is simple. When my hair is damp I just take a few pumps and rub my hands together and spread it evenly throughout my hair following up with my paddle brush. Then once my hair dries it is soft and silky and my curls are unfrizzy and defined.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Be safe and I'll see you in my next post! (:

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