Friday, September 6, 2013

DIY: Scrub for Body and Face using Olive Oil, Honey and Sugar

Hello beauty fiends! So this post is all about one of my favorite DIY body care products. It is a body scrub!

This scrub can be used all over your body however I use it most often on my lips, I exfoliate my lips at least three times a week to keep them baby soft and smooth (:

And the great thing about this scrub is that it is all natural and you only need three ingredients! Let's go over those shall we (:

Olive Oil

Olive oil has many purposes as a cooking essential and also as a moisturizer for pretty much everything. I use olive oil in this scrub because I feel that it moisturizes my skin better than other oils but you can use whatever oil you want OR you can mix different oils if that is what you desire.


Honey is also a great moisturizer and I use it in this scrub because I feel like it keeps the rest of the ingredients together but for a better understanding of honey and its benefits check out my DIY deep conditioning treatment using coconut oil, honey and eggs.


There are two reasons that I use sugar in this scrub. The first is because of it's grainy nature; it will gently scrub all of the dead skin off of your body and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. And the second reason is because it tastes good. I know some of you guys may be thinking that is a little weird but I mostly use this scrub to exfoliate my lips so that is why the taste is very important to me (:

So the way that you make this scrub is very easy (:

If you are just using it for your lips like I do take:

Tablespoon of olive oil
Half a table spoon of honey
Tablespoon of sugar

Then just mix everything together and massage it onto your lips in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Do not scrub too hard or you might break your skin and start bleeding so be gentle with yourself (:

Then afterwards follow up with a nourishing lip balm to keep your lips from drying. Check out my review on Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Moisturizer, I always use this after exfoliating.

If you want to use this scrub on your entire body use:

2 cups of olive oil
1 cup of honey
2 cups of sugar

Again apply to your body gently in a circular motion and after make sure you moisturize using your favorite lotion.

Your skin and lips should feel baby soft (:

Okay guys that is it for this tutorial, thanks so much for reading!

Be safe and I'll see you in my next post!

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  1. Fab idea I'm going to try this!


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    1. I'm glad you like it and that I could help (:
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      For sure!!! (:

  2. Awesome post. I have horribly dry skin in the colder weather and saving money by making a scrub at home will be great:)

    Sara xx

    1. Thanks I'm glad that this could help you (:

      Thanks for stopping by!