Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Favorites!

This March I really did not get to try as many products and I would have liked to but I did try two conditioners that I really liked and made it into my favorites.

Let's get started.

First is the Suave conditioner and I tried the coconut scent.

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I started using this conditioner after I ran out of my Organix coconut conditioner. What I like about it is that it does not have any harsh chemicals (sulfates, silicones etc.) that can be really bad for hair. Also it is a great price especially for how much product that you get.

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Tresemmé Naturals is another conditioner that I have been using lately and I have been using these two conditioners together. I really like the mixture of these conditioners. Just like the Suave, this conditioner has no harsh chemicals and is really cheap but a huge container.

The reason I don't not have many favorites these month is because I am really starting to crack down on what I choose.

Have you tried/would like to try these conditioners? Let me know in the comments.

Be safe and I will see you in my next post.

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